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生楽器と歌にこだわった深みのあるパフォーマンス、アフリカへの回帰を志向するファッション性やポリシーにより、“ネオ・ソウル・ムーヴメント”を代表する知的なR&Bシンガー、エリカ・バドゥが1997年に発表したデビュー・アルバム。ストイックにオーガニックなサウンドを追求し、シーンに衝撃を与えた作品。 (C)RS

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Badu and her large turban appeared out of nowhere in early 1997, on a murmuring, romantic album that trod the median between old-school soul and contemporary electronic R&B. Badu’s songs, especially the hit “On & On” and the catchy “Certainly”, recall Sade in their polished, subtle sexiness. Badu almost never raises her voice–save the occasional “ooh-wee!” exultation–but she skilfully uses repetition and chanting to empower her words. Later portraying a beautiful swamp queen, she was one of the only good things about the movie Blues Brothers 2000. –Steve Knopper

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